Kohup Sports began its history when our founder, Koh Chee Hua, established a foot hold in Singapore and Malaysia in the 70s. It was through hard work and passion for Sports that allowed Koh to transform a humble start up company to one of the most recognized quality sports surface installer in the region.

ATP Satellite, Malaysia – 1992

Kohup Sports was involved with the installation of ATP satellite tournament in Malaysia during 1992. This marks the first and largest scale International tournament that was ever installed by a Singapore contractor.

WTA – 2010 – 2017

Since 2010, our team was tasked to carry out the very prestigious tennis court installation for WTA. The installation consists of the entire set up, including the lighting fixtures for live telecast shooting. Refurbishment is carried out yearly to ensure the courts are in the best condition for International classed tennis players.



In 2015, Kohup Sports installed the first floating tennis platform at Clifford Pier. The courts were installed for an exhibition match between World renowned tennis players Maria Sharapova, Michael Chang, as well as our own local national talents, Shaheed Alam and Angeline Devi Devanthiran. This project was also tied in with Make-A-Wish foundation for the less fortunate.

The floating tennis platform is surrounded by Singapore’s iconic landmarks, such as Marina Bay Sands, Clifford Pier and The Singapore Art Science Museum, creating a beautiful and recognizable scene


Today Kohup Sports have reached out beyond and expanding the services far beyond local regions. As of today, we have installed a range of different sports facilities and surfaces, easily more than 1000s courts and athletic facilities