Our Solutions


There are too many to list! Our accessories consist of all sports equipment and accessories ranging from dedicated Sports lighting systems to court side benches.

Lighting system:

Our lighting systems are specifically designed for stadiums and game courts. This ranges from the professional metal halide lighting fixtures to recreation LED variants. We specialize in installation and commissioning of our lighting products. Our professionally installed lighting includes Live televised casting for the prestigious WTA tournament.

We also supply:

Tennis Court Rollers, Tennis Court Rain Shutter, Tennis Nets, Tennis Court Wind Screen/breaker, Sports Fencing and netting systems, Basketball Goal Posts, Sports Benches/Bleachers, Badminton Net Posts, Golf Cups, Flags and Tee off Mats, Soccer Goal Posts and Nets, Track and Fields Accessories, Dance Mats, Drains and Subsoil Drains, Safety paddings and kerbs, Divider curtains and shelters.