Maintenance Services

Hard Court Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is recommend in order to prolong the lifespan of tennis courts.

The most basic maintenance is daily sweeping of the tennis court to clear it from accumulation of leaves and debris.

It is also recommended to have put up sign boards with basic prohibition such as no food, improper footwear, etc.

This will help as a deterrent to misuse of the tennis courts.

    • Recommended equipment for cleaning:

      • Leaf Blowers
      • Broom (non-abrasive)
      • Pressure Jet Washer

*Note that Pressure Jet Washer can caused damage to the courts if improperly used. Frequent use of pressure jet can also result in fast wear and tear of the courts, resulting in fast color fading.

Soft Court Maintenance

A well maintained field will enable that the users to maximize investment and ensure that the field is at optimal performance constantly. Furthermore, down time will also be significantly less, allowing for more hours for the users.

      • The importance of field maintenance also includes, safety, aesthetics, performance and lifespan.

        • Recommended equipment for cleaning:

1. Soft Brush

2. Drag Brush

3. Vacuum

4. Spreader