Red Flag Emoji

Lately, social media been giving us an abundance of red flag emoji. The red flag emoji is commonly used to refer to a red flag in the sense of a sign of danger or potential problems in a relationship. Before it was used as a sign of danger in relationship, it has always been used somewhat the same way but in sports.

In football or soccer, this indicator is used by coaches to inform referees on the field that they would like the previous play reviewed. A coach is allowed to challenge specific calls made by referees during the course of the game. Each coach is given two challenges per game, and must have a timeout remaining in order to use it. If the coach uses and is successful on two challenges, they are given a third. If a coach wishes to challenge a play, they must throw their red flag onto the field prior to the next play occurring.

In golf, it is to signal a hole placement towards the front of the green.

What other sports do you know uses red flags?